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Mar 11, 2020ML for Stock Selection
Aggregate Alpha in the Hedge Fund Industry
Keywan Rasekhschaffe 
Andrew Papanicolaou
Fraunces Tavern
April 01, 2020Book Launch: Leveraged Trading, Kelly Betting and Out-of-Sample Testing
Constructing Equity Portfolios from SEC 13f Data
Rob Carver
Alexander Fleiss
Systematic Money
Rebellion Research
Fraunces Tavern
Jun 02, 2020ML vs Traditional Factor Investing
Ensemble Learners, RORO Regimes & the 2020 Factor Landscape
Tony Guida
Milind Sharma
Jul 07, 2020Financial Markets and News about the Coronavirus
Book Launch: Machine Learning in Finance
Harry Mamaysky
Igor Halperin
Matthew Dixon

Fidelity AI
Illinois Tech
Aug 11,
Book Launch: Advanced Positioning, Flow, and Sentiment Analysis in Commodity Markets
Volatility-Managed Portfolio: Does It Really Work?
Mark Keenan
Fang Liu
Sep 08, 2020Book Launch: Machine Learning for Asset Managers
Leveraged Trading, Kelly Betting and Out-of-Sample Testing
Marcos Lopez de Prado
Rob Carver
Oct 06, 2020Diffusion Limit of a Limit-Order Book ModelSteven ShreveCMUOnline
Nov 10, 2020Book Launch: Fun Q – A Functional Introduction to Machine Learning in QNick PsarisBAMLOnline
Dec 08, 2020Introduction to NLPSaeed AmenCuemacroOnline
Jan 28, 2021A Stylized History of Quantitative FinanceEmanuel DermanColumbiaOnline
Feb 24, 2021Mixed Local Volatility Model for FX Derivatives Flow BusinessUwe WystupMathFinance AGOnline
Mar 23, 2021Risk under Uncertainty & Price Movement
Regime Shifting Compared to Conditional Factor Risk Models
Anish R. Shah
Dan diBartolomeo
Brown University
Apr 27, 2021How the pandemic taught us to turn Smart Beta into Real AlphaDan diBartolomeoNorthfieldOnline
May 11, 2021Taming the Factor Zoo & the Great Rotation of 2021Milind SharmaQMITOnline
Jun 16, 2021Beyond Machine Learning: Big Data Models as a Profitable Paradigm in FinanceIrene AldridgeABLE MarketsOnline
Jul 21, 2021Deep Learning for Asset Pricing
High-Frequency Kelly Criterion and Fat Tails
Stefan Jansen
Austin Pollok
Applied AI
Fraunces Tavern
Aug 25, 2021Reconciling Kelly and SamuelsonPeter CarrNYU Tandon Online
Sep 22, 2021Cryptos and DeFi Mark YuskoMorgan Creek CapitalOnline
Oct 26, 2021Robust Factor Models and Fama-French 1992 ReduxDoug MartinUniversity of Washington Online
Nov 17, 2021Feature Selection for regime detection using Jump ModelsPetter KolmNYU CourantFraunces Tavern/Online
Dec 14, 2021Holiday PartyHaswell Green’s
Jan 12, 2022Risk and Reward in the Fixed-Income Market: Where are we now?Leon Tatevossian
Andy Brenner
NYU Haswell/Online
Feb 15, 2022Book Launch: A Shot to Save the WorldGregory ZuckermanWSJHaswell/Online