Quants attend certain events for free – please use your corporate email & Linkedin for us to easily verify your bona fide employment as a quant practitioner on the buyside/ sellside or in the broader Financial services arena. Our pricing schema may fluctuate depending space limitations at the venue relative to the overall demand & our cost structure. As an NFP we charge a fraction of industry conferences & substantially less than other societies such as the CFA/ SQA etc. In fact, the $250/ ann comes down to a paltry $20.50/ meeting which is less than the price of a Manhattan in Manhattan!

Service Providers (including Accountants, Lawyers, Sales, Marketing, Business Development folks at firms including Risk/ IT/ Index shops) will be expected to pay full fare in order to access the core quant audience they would normally target at conferences at a substantially higher price point. While we are a non-profit we also strive to be a “non-loss”.

General Public includes anyone who’d like to attend the event but does not fall under the categories of Quants, Service Providers, or Students.


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